SUP Safety

Safety on the water is a big deal – there is growing number of SUP related safety incidents happening daily across the UK  inland and coastal. We have launched the BSUPA SUP safety poster and initiative to hopefully increase awareness of SUP safety and kick start awareness that you need to take a different approach to water safety if you’re a novice paddleboarder.

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BSUPA Newsletter

So, as we move on from 2020 – what a year – into 2021 the team at BSUPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all of their trainers, instructors and members for their continued support throughout an exceptional year.

The upside to the year is that paddle boarding as a sport has seen an exponential growth throughout both lockdowns with more and more people enjoying getting out on the water.

As the National Association and lead body for SUP in the UK we have seen a healthy uptake in our membership numbers as more people take advantage of the relatively inexpensive membership that includes Worldwide 3rd Party insurance as standard, giving peace of mind when using your SUP either here in the UK or abroad. We also offer a junior membership and family membership, both of which are at a discounted rate.

We have also seen a huge number of new Instructors qualifying in their level 1 and Level 2 and an increase of 20% to the number of affiliated schools that they can teach from throughout the country; now also including Northern Ireland.

We would love to get to 100 by 2022 so please do give us a call if you would like any more information regarding this.

These increases provide more access and availability for the 30,000 people that stepped onto a paddle board this year with us to upscale their skill level and learn in a safe and fun environment.

We have also seen an increase in our clubs that are affiliated with us. These play a vital role within the community, allowing the individual clubs to raise funds through BSUPA and liaise with local authorities to promote a safe environment for their members. Our cashback system for affiliated  clubs is now up and running. 

Obviously as far as events go for this year – well what can we say – there have been NONE, but we are thoroughly looking forward to 2021 and hopefully being able to get back to pre-coved times along with the rest of the world.

We would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and festive Christmas – hopefully with some SUPPing  involved. We are sad to not be having our annual mince pie SANTA SUP this year but please feel free to send us any selfies of your own SANTA SUP – free membership to the best pic.

All the best

The Team at BSUPA