2022 AGM Minutes

The following document contains the full BSUPA minutes for the 2022 AGM in Poole.

Location: North Haven Yacht Club, Poole
Date: 26th March, 2022 4.45pm


1. Welcome & Introductions
2. Last AGM
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Accounts & Insurance
5. Membership, Instructor Training, Schools & Clubs
6. 2022 Plans
7. Board Elections
8. AOB
9. Thank You & Close

Directors present:

SB – Simon Basset
AG – Andy Gratwick
AS – Anni Ridsdill Smith (leading the meeting)
AT – Andrew Tee (minute taking)
PG – Paul Gellender

1. Welcome

AS opened with a welcome to all attendees, thanked everyone present for attending the Instructor Conference and talked through the format of the meeting and agenda.

AS Introduced each board member to the meeting.

2. Last AGM

No matters arising.

3. Chairman’s Report

SB discussed the Instructor revalidation process.

SB talked about safety developments in the sport and our BE SUP SAFE campaign of 2021.

BSUPA aims moving forward to continue the high levels of safety in our training programme.

SB thanked AS for all of her hard work organising the Conference.

Said we are looking to continue growing membership (currently at c.2000) and SB is confident that the organisation is in good shape and we are ready for the future.

4. Accounts & Insurance

AS discussed our non-profit status and the need to generate income to cover the costs of the organisation.

Current reserves are at c.£40k meaning the organisation is stable.

2020 income c.£5k. 2021 income c.£7.5k.

AS noted that numbers are increasing across ITC’s, membership, schools & clubs.

BSUPA is now looking at what we can invest in to add value to the brand, i.e. Safety Campaigns.

5. Membership, Instructor Training, Schools & Clubs

AG talked about the state of SUP as a sport in the UK and that there is currently no NGB. Our aims are to grow membership to 5000 so that we can apply for NGB status in the near future.

6. 2022 Plans

AG led the discussion on consolidation of the Schools network and L2 Instructors, with focus on the touring elements of the SUP offering from BSUPA.

Lots of work has gone into the update of the L2 ITC manual. AG noted that there is now a need to get the new manual into the hands of current L2 Instructors across the UK.

BSUPA are planning more resources to support Instructors & Schools, including online materials.

AG went on to discuss the enhanced IT structure of the organisation, including the updated membership & Schools system, and imminent plans for the live Instructor/Schools map on the BSUPA website.

7. Board Elections

SB to continue as Chairman: proposed by Karl Hobbs, 2nd by Mike Ridsdill Smith

AG to continue as Head of Training: proposed by Simon Hutchinson, 2nd by Dave Price

SB proposed PG to become Vice Chair, 2nd by AT

8. AOB

PG talked about membership andhighlighted the challenges from other organisations, and the need for a Waterways License to be part of BSUPA membership.

BSUPA need to build membership and PG asked, “How can we push this as Instructors”? asking the room to feed back with ideas to BSUPA.

AT gave a brief update on discussion with the Canals & Rivers Trust re Waterways Licensing – discussions are ongoing, with the CRT moving very slowly.

Lucy Helm asked about copies of the updated L2 manual, AG confirmed they would be circulated soon.

9. Thank You & Close

Thank you and close led by AS with thanks to the BSUPA admin team, Directors and all AGM attendees. END