Team England Selection Process 2018

There are two international events requiring Team England selection in SUP surf, race and prone paddle board disciplines. Given that the surf SUP team has already been selected from the previous British Stand Up Paddle Board Association (BSUPA) surf series the race team has yet to be selected. Ideally, it would be preferable for all race disciplines to follow a comparable process however, there are a number of factors which impinge upon doing so. The following will outline the process involved, clearly define selection criteria and importantly elaborate upon an improved collaborative approach with an ethos of bringing together a broader and more divers attendance.

Moving in a more positive drive to enable broader inclusion at selection events BSUPA are collaborating with the newly formed GB National SUP Clubs Series. Selection will move to a multi venue selection process across southern England in a three race selection series. European selection will be based upon results from one event, incorporated within the series, while team selection for the 2018 World championships will be based across three events with the two best results counting for an overall point score for team selection.

International selection events will be:

European Team Selection Event

St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup
Date: May 19th

ISA World Team Selection Events

Race One: Battle of the Thames
Date: April 28th

Race Two: St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup
Date: May 19th

Race Three: BaySUP
Date: July 21st

Selecting a team in an open process which enables the greatest number of paddlers to
attend across both distance and technical disciplines is a challenging one to achieve. It is hoped that moving to a three race format, spread across a greater portion of the year, is not only a fairer process but will also reflect those paddlers in good form closer to World championships. While dates have only recently been released for the ISA World Championships (November 23rd, Brazil) no information is currently available for the European Championships. Previously, both European events have been held in June, current selection processes will work with this date in mind; hence the mid May selection date.

Selection Criteria

To enable a more effect selection process paddlers will be expect to comply with several selection criteria. Firstly, any paddler who would like to be considered to be selected for either event or discipline must submit an expression of interest form. In addition, if successful, paddlers must confirm acceptance within 48 hours of notification. If there is no response within the acceptance window, the spot will be offered to the next highest placed paddler.

In terms of board length, it was suggested that ISA were moving to fourteen foot board classification however, we now know that this is not the case. In spite of this, only paddlers racing on fourteen foot boards at selection events will be eligible for selection. The rationale being is that based upon 2017 statistics 90% of elite entrants raced upon 14ft boards therefore, in a bid to unify a more competitive field currently racing on 14ft a stronger team is likely to be selected. Moreover, by focusing upon the 14ft class negates a significant number of paddlers from buying / accessing 12’6 boards for the selection events only.

Paddlers must be in a position to self finance entry and travel to each event. It is important to be aware that International competition is an expensive affair, while BSUPA contribute toward an individual entry at World level, any subsequent races are at the cost of the individual, this excludes the team relay.

Team England Selection Process

Expression of interest should be emailed to BSUPA head office by no later than March 30th. Those paddlers who have qualified by right will be offered a place on the team. In the event that that person is unable to accept their place it will then be offered to the next highest placed person. Any delay will be viewed as an inability to accept the offer of selection, similarly the next highest placed person eligible for selection be offered the place.

World selection will be based upon a best of three results however, ONLY European selection will be based upon a first across the line process, in both the distance and technical disciplines (race two of the series). World championship selection will entail aggregating the two highest results of the three race selection series. If paddlers attend only two events, both, therefore, must be used.

In addition, BSUPA collaborates with Surfing England in the management of the national team, who is the only body recognised by the ISA given access to World level competition. Therefore, team members must hold current BSUPA membership to be eligible to enter the World championships. It is not a requirement to hold BSUPA membership to be eligible for selection while competing at 2018 Battle of the Thames or St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup selection events however, full membership must be completed by BaySUP race. Finally, all athletes must be English residence and not have competed for another nation in the previous 12 months. English nationality is defined by BSUPA / ISA.

In summary, to be eligible for selection paddlers must submit an expression of interest form, to compete in the elite fourteen foot board class at the relevant selection event. The 2018 European team selection will be based upon finishing results at the St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup only, in both technical and distance. World team selection will be based upon multiple events throughout the year. Those wishing to be selected in the distance discipline must attend both the Battle of the Thames and St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup. Those wishing to be selected for the technical discipline must attend the St’Ives Celtic Cup and BaySUP events. English team athletes must be English residents.

Process Summary

Make sure you email the downloaded form available below  or on the GBSUP web site to BSUPA – [email protected]

European Team Selection Event

St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup May 19th (make sure you have joined BSUPA for Team England )

ISA World Team Selection Events

Race One: Battle of the Thames April 28th
Race Two: St’Ives Bay Celtic Cup May 19th
Race Three: BaySUP July 21st

After final event TEAM ENGLAND results will be published BSUPA –BSUPA Team England Facebook and on GBSUP website.

Document Consultation Process

The ultimate objective of this document is to ensure selection of the strongest possible team and the continued progression of the sport. In order to achieve the greatest parity for the greatest number of people the final iteration of the document is the result of multiple informal discussions across a broad spectrum of stake holders, current paddlers, brand distributors and media; all of whom helped inform a more objective and inclusive approach to team selection process. The final version had been submitted, formally, to a panel of five to ensure quality process are upheld. The document was created by Glenn Eldridge, as an independent advisor unaffiliated to any UK National Governing Body, in collaboration with BSUPA and GBSUP club series directors.

Consultation Panel

  • Simon Bassett – BSUPA Chairman
  • Nick Rees – Surfing England
  • Mark Price – GBSUP
  • Sam Ross – Youth Development / Training / Director
  • Andy Gratwick – Head Coach / TEAM GB / NGB
  • Rich Marsh – Surf Sup / Fun events / Director / Participation

Expression of interest document:

Download form