SUP River Clean UP

SUP River Clean Up

In November, BSUPA Member Zoe and her friend Imogen noticed that one of their favourite locations for river SUP was being spoiled by an excess of litter. These two litter clearing trail blazers were not prepared to see their beautiful stretch of river succumb to this needless fate and bravely decided to do something about it with a SUP River Clean Up.

So they started their own private river cleaning operation, exemplary behaviour and a model attitude for the rest of us to emulate. Here is Zoe and Imogen’s story:

My name is Zoe, I am 9 years old. My friend Imogen and I noticed that a river near us was covered in litter. We decided to do something about it. On a freezing November day, we put on some wetsuits and rubber gloves. We took out a stand up paddle board (SUP) each and got to work. Overall we found mostly cans and plastic bottles but we found some other interesting objects as well like vodka, gin, beer, a football and even a car wing mirror. We filled up both of our bin bags and there was still more litter on the water. We noticed that 2 swans were chewing on a plastic bag. We think that our litter pick will help them and other wildlife in the river. We want to clear as many rivers as possible on our SUP boards and have written to Blue Peter to see if we can get a green eco badge and go on the show to tell them about it.We have attached some photos and have a go pro video of our litter pick if you would like to see it.

– Zoe Rutherford.

Ocean and River Clean UP

How many of us have been to our stretch of river or coast, seen litter and not picked it up, but lamented the poor self discipline of the person originally responsible? I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of leaving other people’s rubbish  at times, when ‘inconvenient’ to take it with us. Perhaps it’s time to see it as a necessary part of the preservation of these environments that we should all be responsible for and owe so much for our enjoyment.

Using the example set by Zoe and Imogen, pick up some litter and take it home or even better – arrange to take some bin bags and do the bigger job! Maybe it’s hassle but it feels great to be a part of positive change and it’s a great way of saying thanks to your local beach or river.

If you have any litter clearing stories you want to tell us about, please get in touch and tell us your story. We’d also happily promote any litter clearing projects you are involved in.

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