Learn Paddle Boarding Now

Learn Paddle Boarding

With summer well underway and covid lockdown easing in most parts of the UK now is the perfect time to think about learning outdoor sports and specifically learn paddle boarding. Paddle boarding (also know as stand up paddle boarding) will increase fitness, health and provide you with a sense of general well-being. It can be enjoyed on inland lakes and water ways or at sea on flat water or in waves. 

The barrier to entry is low in relation to other outdoor water sports. All that is needed is a board with leash and a paddle and a way to get to and from the water. However as with any sports that involve water, there are safety considerations that should be learned from the beginning to minimise risk. That is why BSUPA have created the highly successful ‘Ready to Ride’ Level 1 course that is currently being run by a number of our Schools. 

Remember that all BSUPA schools are complying with the necessary Covid social distancing and as an outdoor sport it is a very safe sport to participate in during this time.

Paddle boarding with Frangipani SUP near London

One such school currently running courses near London is Frangipani SUP in Maldon near Chelmsford. Anni has been having some cracking days recently running Ready to Ride courses for various newcomers to paddle boarding. Frangipani Sup provides a perfect place to learn to paddleboard on the calm waters of Trifarm Lake and provide you with the skills you need to move forward safely and develop your skills further. Remember that you can learn paddle boarding at almost any age and it is a fantastic family pursuit. 

Below are some photos from recent courses on the calm waters of Trifarm Lake. If you are keen to give it a go, don’t delay. If you need to find a BSUPA School near you take a look at our SUP Schools page to find contact details to book in your first session.

Flat water, light breeze – lovely
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