Paddle Round the Pier

Paddle Round The Pier

Come on summer hurry up Winter is getting boring! Granted the weather has been pretty mild lately, but who wouldn’t benefit from a nice warm summer weekend of fun at the beach. Throw in some water based activities, entertainment, maybe some fundraisers for the feel good factor and you’ve got the perfect weekend. Okay, time to fast forward to July 2019 and Paddle Round the Pier!

When: 6th & 7th July 2019
Where: Hove Lawns

Paddle in Hove

Since its origins in 1996 ‘Paddle Round the Pier’ based in Hove Lawns has grown in to a massive charity event. Over £300,000 has been raised to date for RNLI, The Wave Project, Bright Surf Lifesaving Club and many other charitable organisations. What is more, it is totally run by volunteers!

Not only is an event of this nature deserving of winterised sun lovers such as ourselves, the amount of things going on offer the ultimate antidote for a winter of being cooped up indoors with only infrequent trips to the beach.

As well as participating the the ‘Paddle’ event, Hove Lawns offers an amazing experience with all manner of entertainment. Let’s find out more.

More than just Paddle, Hove Lawns

Close to 50,000 people visit the Paddle Village providing an unmatched atmosphere. Exhibitors offer the latest and greatest from the water sports world and for those looking for reasons to party entertainment will be provided on 3 stages.

Hundreds of individuals will be taking part in activities ranging from kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, Paddle boarding, swimming, outrigger canoes, diving/sub-aqua, skateboarding, long-board skateboarding, ocean skis, inshore rescue boats, surf life-savers, martial arts, assault courses, beach volleyball, The Big Paddle, Paddle Something Unusual, and our newest event -doggy paddling (dogs on paddleboards).

If that seems like a very long list of activities, you are absolutely right and who would not want to get involved with that. In fact between now and July it might just be worth devoting a bit of time to dusting off your toys and getting in the water to check you’ve still got it.

But most importantly SUP always features prominently at Paddle. The event is encouraging all BSUPA members and paddle boarders nationwide to come and be part of something big. See the latest gear, have a go in the giant pool, or enter one of the many SUP races! If you want to get yourself race ready take a look at our learning to SUP article to find out how you can get yourself prepared and in shape.

So come on guys, you know what to do, let’s get involved and take the SUP in BSUPA to Hove Lawns. Book it in to your diary and shake off the Winter, welcome the summer.

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