All BSUPA Memberships include:

    • Worldwide third party public liability and member to member  insurance cover (excluding the  US and Canada)
    • Up to £5 million provided by Marsh Sports Limited. More details available on request
    • BSUPA Membership Card
    • BSUPA Bumper Sticker
    • Allows entry to all BSUPA sanctioned events with reduced fees for coaching  and development
    • Members web gallery
    • Quarterly Newsletter

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BSUPA – working for its members

    • Open Women Top Four BBP_4590eBSUPA is a non-profit making organisation, established to promote a positive  awareness of the developing sport of paddleboarding in the UK and abroad.
    • BSUPA is working closely with a number of government bodies and  agencies to provide and increase access to both coastal and inland water to  paddleboarding.
    • Building relationships with related sports – National Governing Bodies
    • Development of dedicated training and coaching program which are  recognised by such bodies as UK Sport and AALA.
    • Establishing a network of BSUPA schools
    • Dedicated website for members to learn and share information, to be the  focal point of all that is happening in the UK paddleboarding scene
    • Organizing and staging both local events and National Championships
    • Developing selection process for Team GB
    • Your membership enables us to continue to do this work

BSUPA – Insurance

As part of your membership to BSUPA you automatically receive the benefit of the associations’ public liability insurance –  Click here to read more.