Extreme Academy BSUPA 2013 Wave Championships Results

Extreme Academy BSUPA  National  SUP Wave Championships- October 5/6 2013
Watergate Bay
Sunset thro Flag_DSC0383_1500 copy
When you publish the dates of a event ahead of the surf report its always going to make life interesting to run a Paddlesurf surf contest .Watergate Bay has rarely let BSUPA down over the years -this  year the the surf forecast for the British Stand Up Assocaition event was sandwiched between two decent surf forecasts and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.
Saturday morning rolled in under the clouds the Sun appeared the music blared ,the wind dropped and the surf started to pulse in .53 competitors were signed up –40 men ,9 Women , 4 under 16 boys and 2 under 16 girls competing in the open womens division. Event director Rich Marsh and the  ISA judging team set the briefing off and explained the judging criteria . Each heat would be 20 minutes with with a 12 wave max, top two to count and would be scored for use of paddle,wave selection ,radical moves in the critical section and speed control and flow on the wave.
As the first heats started to roll through it was daily clear from the start the surfing standard is getting more radical the top 15 riders and beginning to stretch out what can be done on a SUP in surf.Although the surf was not big riders were generating stacks of board speed plenty of carving bottom and top turns .Board choice was short plenty of customs from 7.4 to 8.5 only a few riders opting for longer boards. A lot of heats went on I didn’t see them them all   but here is the summary of the final heats .
Tom Lowe BB1_5378e copy
The mens final saw a very tough heat Pro surfer it was 20 minutes of hard charging in the best surf of the day .Tom Lowe who had literally just got on his new starboard was tearing into every section and working the most out the conditions.Aaron Rowe  certainly was ripping his top turn hacks and all round riding ability is amazing –in the free surfing session after the comp had finished he was pulling off sick aerials on his Charlie Grey custom. .Glynn Ovens another Welsh contender riding Fanatic was making the most of the small surf and pushed every section he could with a smooth style of riding.Matt Barker Smith using one of his own  Barker custom creations was riding a super flat rocker board attacked every wave that came his way .He had a slightly different strategy and worked left and right sections and pushed very hard on every wave that came his way .I watched the final  have to saw it was tense, very close and from the beach it was hard to pick the winner.The highest individual wave score of the competition was Tom Rowe in his quarter final round who score a 9, 9.5 and 10 from the judges.In the Open Mens Final there was only a points difference of 1.5 separating 1st place from 4th place!
The BSUAP Watergate event is not just about the competition its a time to catch and shoot the breeze with like minded SUP friends –I have to say we had a great evening in the Phoenix drinking a few beers playing pool and listening to ripping band Grizzly and grasshoppers.The whole weekend was about the Watergate beach life and  enjoying the surf and  for some just mooching on the beach .
Supper in the water BB1_5807e
Heres what Matt Barker Smith thought”Any surfer can get disappointed with the changing  conditions , but it was small waves which first lit the flame for my affair with paddle surfing , working the board and paddle .How does it feel? – I wanted it !  , riding a board with your own name on means you have something to prove I guess.In the past  i’ve always deliberated which board to use in the changing conditions and enjoyed using  each one , but as SUP surfing is now pushing the boundaries,  its about sticking to a  board which does everything and a board you can trust.
The weekend went by in a flash , my collision in my first heat with Tom Lowe  which damaged my board  just spurred me on even more .  Having seen last  years Sup  surfing GB team Andre le Geyt and Jim RIchardson surfing  in  hard battles in the world championships in  Peru, this has  inspired me to push harder and delve into what works with my equipment and my focus.  Aaron was extraordinary as he has been known to be , and a great athlete . Paddlesurfing is growing quickly and the standard is being raised every year ,To have two new competitors into the BSUPA  annual comp and  both reach the final ,  Glyn ovens  and Tom Lowe  are  testament to the waterman ethos SUP reaches out to , no matter what background .
I’m sure surfers who have been secretly working on their paddlesurfing will  keep us on all our toes in years to come .
Thanks to Richard Marsh for organising the Action !  See you next year “
Bethen & Mia Richardson BB1_4598e
Womens final was short on the waves but not on determination and skill –the 4 ladies fought it out there certainly no one holding back.The sets were patchy and moved all over the comp zone .Marie Bucannon starboard swapped boards during the heat to get more drive –Abi Barker Smith was going for every right that came through using one of Matts new designs .Holly Bassett was trying to find her own peak but as the heat went on she had to move into the pack to catch the only waves that me through during the day.One decent wave would clinch the final  it was very close between the top three –Holly using her fanatic 8.5 sealed the deal with a great go for it attitude and making the best of each wave .
Junior Final heat –The standard here has really picked up there was not straight lining going on –the kids were ripping .It was an impressive sight seeing these guys attack the waves and really thinking about there position on the waves and making decent turns on the critical section.Guy Bridges part the famous Bridge kite surf family ,Louis Harrow the youngest at 10 years old ,Ollie Laddiman and Fin Gamblins all rode hard through the 20 minute heat.Louis Harrow took the lead and deservedly won the final.
BSUPA would like to thank,Extreme Academy & Watergate Bay Hotel,  RNLI who’s lifeguards provide water safety management across the weekend
All Judging and beach support staff,  Bob Berry and Rob Jewel for capturing the spirit of the competition and social side to the weekend
Grizzly and the Grasshoppers and The Phoenix for music and a great Saturday evening.All competitors and their friends and families for their continued support with the growth development of not only these championship but of BSUPA.
Support Sponsors  Nah Skwell,  Prosport Sunscreen,  Body Glove,  X-Paddle ,Whiskeyjack Paddles,Kai Sports Ltd,Indo Board,  XM Leashes,Traditional Surfing,Action Van,  Nula Beads,  Westcountry Watersports ,  SUPBoarder Magazine ,SUPGlobal
Results for Extreme Academy BSUPA National S.U.P Wave Championships 2013
Under 16 Girls_RJP5938_1500 copy
Under 16 Girls
1st  Holly Bassett
2nd  Bethen Richardson
JNR Top Three BBP_4588e
Under 16 Boys
1st  Louie Harrow
2nd  Guy Bridges
3rd  Ollie Laddiman
4th  Fin Gamblins
Open Women Top Four BBP_4590e
Open Women
1st  Holly Bassett
2nd  Abi Barker Smith
3rd  Marie Buchanan
4th  Joanna Ibrahim
5th  Kath Jones
6th  Mia Richardson
7th  Lizzie Bird
8th  Kiera Ridel
9th  Bethen Richardson
Open Mens Top 4 BBP_4596e
Open Men
1st  Matt Barker Smith
2nd  Arron Rowe
3rd  Tom Rowe
4th  Glyn Ovens
Joint 5th        Neal Gent/Ollie Shislton
Joint 7th  Gareth Grant/Andre Le Geyt
Joint 9th  Lee Norris/Philpo Tina/Jim Richardson/Matt Argyle
Joint 13th  Tony Peters/Rick Swann/Alex Murray/Jan Sleigh
Joint 17th  Simon Harrow/Jon Elliman-Brown/Reuben Ellis/Chris Rea
Joint 21st  Rob Williams/Will Rogers/Ben Fisher/Adrian Jones
Joint 25th  Nick Graham/Kristian Butler/Paul Williams/Andy Cameron/Guy Hayler/Andrew Pierterse/Jack Ridel/John Harvey
Joint 33rd John Harris/Matt Tuck/Simon Bassett/Sean Facey/Ollie O’Reilly/James Long/Steve Laddiman/Joe Thwaites
Watergate Bay Waterman  â€“ Matt Barker Smith
Watergate Bay Waterwomen  â€“ Holly Bassett
 Report written by Simon Basset  
Open Men Finalists
Abi Barker Smith BB1_4714e
Arron Rowe BB1_5747e
Arron Rowe BB1_5139ec
Matt & AbiBB1_3446e
Hollie Bassett BB1_4612e
Glyn Ovens BB1_5583e
James Long_RJP4804_1500 copy
Marie Buchanan BB1_4581e
Rueben Ellis_RJP4798_1500 copy
Matt Barker Smith BB1_5367e
Simon Harrow Water_RJP4249_1500 copy