BSUPA National Race Courses now Live!

Next weekend, Waterborn are hosting the BSUPA National Race Championships on the 12th & 13th October in Kingsbridge, Devon. The Surf and Turf weekend will host 3 different races designed to test paddlers on many aspects of race technique.

The Surf and Turf weekend event has a number of great prizes to be won as well as being a qualifier event for the ISA World Championships.

Below are the race courses that we have to offer with all the necessary information to get you ready and at your best on the day.

The first race held on Saturday 12th is a 5km course and is the qualifying event for those that would like to compete represent Britain at the ISA World Championships. The race has various different categories. However, those wishing to compete to go the World Championships must compete in either the Men or Female OPEN 12’6 class! All other classes e,g Masters, Veterans and 14ft boards will complete the same course but their scores will not qualify to go the Worlds. That said, there is still very much a competition to win the 14ft division, with many entries already.

The 12’6 class will be start slightly earlier than the 14ft to avoid overcrowding and issues of drafting 14ft boards to get an advantage.  

Below is the 5km Race Course (World Qualifying course) held on SATURDAY 12th! Racing is set to commence from 10am onwards. Due to the tides it will very strict on the start time.

WaterbornBSUPA A4 Race Guides.indd

The second race of the weekend is held on SUNDAY 13th and is the long distance 3 Creeks Adventure Paddle. It is 9km distance.

This course is open to all classes: 14ft, 12’6 and under. It is simply a race to see is the quickest across the line. The first male and female to cross the line will a £500 cash prize each!!

The 3 Creeks Adventure Paddle is attached bellow.

WaterbornBSUPA A4 Race Guides.indd

Having discussed the 5km and the long distance paddle, Waterborn are pleased to announce after much consideration and feedback, the Crossover Race!

We have changed it quite considerably so pay close attention!

The Surf & Turf Festival Cross Over SUP Challenge is an exciting event for paddlers of all standards and abilities. The event is designed to encourage paddlers to challenge themselves without having to commit to taking part in a big competitive race.
The challenge consists of a one mile time trial course that participants are welcome to attempt at any time between noon and 2 pm on Saturday and 1 pm and 3 pm on Sunday.
Participants will use supplied identical standard equipment consisting of Red Air 10’8 Mega boards and adjustable paddles.
Participants will be timed around the course and their best effort recorded on a dynamic leader board.
Significant prizes will be awarded to the quickest finishers* and there is fantastic prize pool of great goodies available to all participants on a lucky dip basis
Anyone may take part; novice to professional
Drafting is not permitted
Only supplied standard equipment may be used
All participants must use the supplied leash
Participants may register on the day and participation is managed on a 1st come 1st serve basis according to availability of equipment
Participants may attempt the course a maximum of twice, but only once on each day
Participants will be ranked by best time across the two days, regardless of the prevailing conditions
*The top prize is not available to elite paddlers**
**Elite paddlers are defined as sponsored individuals and / or top 15% of the field finishers in the BSUPA World Championship qualifying event on Saturday or the Three Creeks Challenge on Sunday
Race directors decision is final.

WaterbornBSUPA A4 Race Guides.indd

The weekend is going to be filled with racing and is definitely one not to be missed.

You can register here:

Waterborn 2013 BSUPA National Race Championships

Registration will close on the 10th October.

We look forward to seeing everyone for what should be a incredible weekend for SUP.