2024 AGM Minutes

Date: Saturday 25th March 2023
Location: North Haven Yacht Club, Poole


  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. The Board
  3. Minutes of last AGM and matters arising
  4. Report of the Chairman
  5. Report on the finances of the Association
  6. Report on attendance at meetings since last AGM by members of the board
  7. Elections to the Board
  8. Any other business

Directors present:

  • SB – Simon Basset
  • AG – Andy Gratwick
  • AS – Anni Ridsdill Smith (Chairing the meeting)
  • AT – Andrew Tee (Minute taking)

Directors Apologies:

  • PG – Paul Gellender
  • DM – Dom Moore

Others Present:

  • SC – Sasha Chisholm – BSUPA Trainer

Also in attendance – 28 Conference Delegates

1. Welcome and introduction

AS Welcomed everyone to the meeting and referred to the Articles of Association:

Articles of Association:

Objects. To promote stand up paddleboarding in all its branches in every way in the United Kingdom and overseas including through the provision of training, instructor training, schools licensing, standards setting, advocacy, support for clubs and paddlers of every kind, to collect and distribute information, to arrange competitions and events, and to liaise with other paddleboarding organisations and stakeholders.

2. The Board

AS – Introduced the Board of Directors to the room and gave apologies for PG and DM.

3. Minutes of last AGM and matters arising

AS – The 2022 AGM Minutes are held on BSUPA.org.uk
AT – Update on the waterways license. AT and PG have been working on this project for 2 years and it is a work in progress. We have encountered prolonged problems with the Canals & Rivers Trust.

4. Report of the Chairman

SB – It has been a turbulent year for SUP. Discussed that the MAIB Report into the Haverfordwest incident has been published. BSUPA was involved in the investigation in terms of supplying information on safety to the MAIB.

We’re confident that BSUPA is in a good place with coaching and teaching, with over ½ million people having participated in the ‘Ready to Ride’ lessons safely since we started.

Sport England – SB echoes the feeling of the rest of the Board that they have not approached their NGB decision in a good way in appointing Surfing England and British Canoeing as the NGB’s.

BSUPA have been doing great work since 2007 and continue to do so.

The Sport England communications have been both challenging and frustrating.

SB noted that PG is doing well representing BSUPA in the Navy and Army, and they are using the BSUPA School system.

There is lots of good stuff happening across the BSUPA School network and SUP continues to grow in the UK. BSUPA Schools are pushing the sport forwards.

SB announced that he is stepping down as Chairman of BSUPA at this AGM and AT will be standing for election.

SB thanked AS for organising the conference and everyone in attendance for turning up for the event.

AS thanked SB for all his hard work as Chairman

5. Report on the finances of the Association

AS Introduced AG for a report on finances.

AG stated that BSUPA has £47k in the bank and that all insurances were paid. With School renewals happening we are looking at c.£60k in the bank in the next 2 months.

We have a good schools network with 100 Schools across the UK, and membership is healthy with over 2000 members.

With the healthy financial position, we have the security to invest in marketing, communications, and information videos.

AG said that the money is there to be used, to be invested for the good of the organisation.

6. Report on attendance at meetings since last AGM by members of the board

AS talked through the slides showing Director attendance. They showed a good attendance by all Directors at Board meetings.

7. Elections to the Board

AS introduced the elections.

SB to stand down as Chairman.

AT to stand for Chairman – Proposed by Karl Hobbs, seconded by Simon Liu.

PG to stand again as Director – Proposed by AG seconded by Sasha Chisholm

DM to stand again as Director – Proposed by Aly Fielden, seconded by Tristan Bawn.

AS to stand again as Director – Proposed by Sam Copperthwaite, seconded by Karl Hobbs.

AS said there would be some changes to the Articles. AG explained that Directors do project work and that the changes would allow them to be paid fairly for their work on these projects. Also can pay Director’s incurred expenses.

8. Any other business

Sasha Chisholm asked about a Trainers forum/section on the website. AG said it could form part of the planned “Pro” section of the website.

Jay Manning asked if we could add BSUPA merchandise to the website. AS said, it’s planned and is a work in progress. AT said we’re looking at print on demand branded kit for Instructors and Trainers.

AG gave a big thank you to AS for all the hard work she put into the conference.

For further information on the BSUPA accounts for 2023 and 2022