Becoming a BSUPA instructor

Why become a BSUPA instructor?

BSUPA’s Instructor scheme is to create a teaching platform that combines core technical skills to teach stand up paddle surfing and inspire a new generation of stand up paddlers to take up the sport in a safe and fun manner.   The course will provide a recognised qualification to water sports instructors who wish to develop their careers by teaching stand up paddle surfing.

The BSUPA instructor scheme has been designed by paddlesurf instructors for paddlesurf instructors.

This covers flat water paddle surfing group safety, paddle technique, rescue techniques, the BSUPA teaching method and lesson plans. We cover safe falling methods, prone kneel and standing and the safest way to start, we cover tides, coaching in different locations, weather knowledge and effects. We also cover School safety management systems, session planning and cover basics of planning a distance paddle and basics of SUP surfing plus rescue techniques.  This course includes BSUPA Manual and certificates.

This course has been developed by joint head Coach Simon Bassett and Andy Gratwick both who have extensive school experience over 30 years between them in the UK and Abroad.  And from feed back from BSUPA instructors and schools across the UK.