SUP Clubs

The key to the ongoing growth and participation within any sport is active friendly regional clubs. BSUPA encourage clubs across  the UK and help clubs setup and continue both financially, providing advice and support and also providing insurance to run events.
Why set up a club?
  • Once affiliated you can buy memberships at half price! Yes that’s £12.50 per member instead of £25
  • It provides a united voice in an area to help with access and permission rights.
  • Enables funding to be sought to help the club grow and the local SUP community benefit
  • Provides a focal point and social hub in an area which is invaluable to keep ‘suppers’ motivated and engaged in the sport.
  • Provides a platform to improve and progress towards competitions, tours and exploring Britains miles of coastline and waterways safely.

How to become a club:

  • You need a few people, namely a chairman, treasurer and secretary
  • A bank account. This can be opened for free by the above named people as a not for profit small club
  • A constitution, this is a document stating the aims and purposes of the club and how it operates..( we can help with generic copies of these)
  • Hold an annual meeting. This is a basic requirement of a club, is straightforward to do and we can guide you through the process
  • Summarize your clubs activities in the year. This can be done at your AGM
  • Pay your affiliation fee of £150 (this can be deducted from your first 10 memberships)

What do BSUPA do for Clubs:

  • Once you are affiliated BSUPA give half price membership to all club members of your club.
  • BSUPA provide insurance and can loan events equipment to clubs to host regional club events.
  •  Becoming a club can be done anywhere by anyone who is a member of the association and keen to promote the sport in their region.
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