BSUPA Coach Candidates Pre requisites:

This where tuition changes to coaching courses built around clients needs small groups or 1 to 1 these sessions could be daily weekly or one offs, but a understanding designing your own lesson plans to meet the goals of client Experienced instructors begin to understand when the shift to specialist coach is needed.

  • Valid BSUPA Level 1 and 2 in either Tour or Surf instructors qualification;
  • At least 100 hours teaching at a BSUPA recognized school;
  • Understanding of physiology, sports psychology and fitness aspects of coaching.
  • Proven personal ability in specialist area
  • Current member of BSUPA.
  • In depth knowledge of BSUPA Coaching scheme
  • Specialize in – Surf, Race, Paddletech, Downwind, Fitness, Yoga, Mental Well being, Whitewater, Injury Recovery
  • Will need extra instructor or coaching awards in chosen field

Teaching Ratios for BSUPA Coaches

One instructor, Six students, Six boards or smaller groups.

Apply to BSUPA training Team to move up to be a BSUPA coach.

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